Tom Sawyer

June 23rd & 24th Saturday & Sunday

Guest Hour One: Tom Sawyer

Tom Sawyer, was the head writer for 24 episodes of the classic“Murder She Wrote”. Sawyer’s first novel The Sixteenth Man is a best seller mystery/thriller based on the Kennedy Assassination. He wrote, directed, and produced the cult film comedy, Alice Goodbody, and is co-librettist/lyricist of Jack, the acclaimed opera about John F. Kennedy. His Storybase 2.0 Software and his book Fiction Writing Demystified are musts for any aspiring writer. He’s taught writing at UCLA at numerous writer’s conferences.  No Place To Run is the first novel to suggest the 9/11 hijackers were helped from higher ups. Cross Purposes is concerns a quirky private detective from New York, now in LA, who never learned to drive. Barney returns in the hilarious mystery A MAJOR PRODUCTION, a GREAT read.