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THINK ABOUT AMERICA – What makes it work well? Capitalism and the free market way of doing business.

But government thinks it needs to interject itself into our healthcare system. WHY? remember the days when the local doctors made house calls or you got in, saw him, and all was good? Now there are too many insurance options, exchanges, co-pay this and deductible that and overall things are screwed up.

The Republicans have messed things up again. With 7 years to plan out their strategy to change Barrycare, they still can’t get it right. Just get out of our health lives, instigate more private sector methods and do tort reform. Do that… and competition will improve pricing, improve options and make healthcare American again.

Trump says he sits in his office, pen in hand waiting…. and waiting….and waiting. But Trump’s mistake was relying on Ryan to get it done and there are too many ideas, to many demands to make this new plan work. so consider this ……

“Hey government….. GET OUT OF OUR LIVES.”


Ron Boat

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