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THE CLINTON MACHINE – What makes it work? People! Money! Acce$$!

Every week there are more and more revelations regarding the Clintons and their antics. The government scandals related to just about everyone in DC grow and there is currently a more indepth review of their Foundation and the Uranium One issue: Which will involve others whose fingers are in the money pie.

Holding a government office shouldn’t be a pathway to riches. Our founding fathers, many who were already well off, didn’t envision political office as an open door to power, position and princely pensions worthy of well positioned potentates. How many have entered office a normally enabled citizen and left richer than most can imagine? Harry Reid come to mind? The Clintons? Many others?

Not only shouldn’t our political leaders find unimaginable wealth from their public service, but when you add in the many self made opportunities for in-depth, rampant, blatant corruption… you multiply the damage done to our system of governance.

Our major Scandal du jour is the Uranium One deal, struck between Russian operatives, the Clintons, their internal cohorts (including John Podesta), some Canadians and others bent of profit before patriotism. All occurring during the Clinton years as Sec. of State. A position of power and preference to reward those who contributed to the Clinton coffers of cash in exchange for…. well, we’re about to see.

The basic facts: This story is about the sale of a controlling stake in a Canadian company called Uranium One to Rosatom, the Russian atomic energy agency. Because Uranium One controlled uranium mines in the United States, the sale had to be approved by the Committee on Foreign Investment In the United States (CFIUS), part of the executive branch.

A number of investors in Uranium One gave donations to the Clinton Foundation during the time the sale was being considered (between 2008 and 2010), in part through the participation of Frank Giustra, a Canadian mining magnate who was a large donor to the Foundation and who had controlled a company that eventually bought Uranium One.

In addition, Bill Clinton was paid $500,000 in 2010 to give a speech to a Russian bank with ties to the Russian government. The U.S. government eventually approved the deal in 2010. (Under who’s watchful eye?)

What’re the allegations against Hillary Clinton? The reason this is a story is the potential that there was some quid pro quo involved: that in exchange for donations to the Clinton Foundation and/or the speech Bill Clinton gave in Russia, Hillary Clinton used her position as Secretary of State to make approval of this sale happen. It need not be explicit, but at the very least there has to be a connection between donations and official action that Clinton took.

Do we have all the facts? Not in the least however… the basis for the story, the connection of the players, the ultimate benefit and benevolence to all involved is certainly solid ground for investigation – More so than any dreamed up Trump-Russian collusion.

I stand on the side of rule and law, and demand that any public servant be held to a higher standard of responsibility to the people they serve. My disappointment with AG Sessions is growing as there are many in the chain of crimes against this country that are not openly being brought to task for their actions.

As they say… time will tell. More to come.

Ron Boat

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