The GOP, without convictions

The Congressional Budget vote orchestrated by Paul Ryan gave the Democrat-Socialists all they desired in a budget and then some. It appears they get 4 times the new visas requested, funding for Obamacare, Planned Parenthood, illegal immigrants (1.6 billion),and the list goes on. Hussein Obama celebrated by going on his usual Christmas vacation. I assume these Christmas vacations are to avoid a Christmas message from the White House, which the occupant of our occupied White House has avoided for all 7 years of his tenure.

The actions of the House of Representatives marks the end of the Republican Party. The Grand Old Party has become a party without any convictions. When America is in it’s most dire situation the Republicans fold and capitulate. Trump and Cruz are the voice not of the Republican Party, but of America. The Bush/Rove/McCain/Graham party is now dead by self inflected cowardice.

The voters will be in open rebellion and hopefully throw the Democrats and these Republican traitors out.

The ray of light is that Trump and Cruz are speaking for America. The voters don’t want funding for sanctuary cities nor do they want funding for the climate change program from Paris. There are more of us than these elites.