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Erskine is the Sacred Fire of Liberty winner of the Voice of Liberty and Excellence In Health Journalism awards.

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Experience combined with personality and drive enhances your listening experience – and the value you receive from listening. Erskine brings 30+ years of radio airtime reaching millions of listeners. His popular interviews have entertained and informed with the likes of LTG Michael Flynn, Sidney Powell, Judge Jeanine Pirro, Dr. Sebastian Gorka, Alan Dershowitz, Gordon Chang, Victor Davis Hanson and many others

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People are busy. People are on the go. Listening habits are changing. Devices are changing.

People aren’t sitting around the living room catching the latest news. Regular radio is still popular – especially for talk shows like ours – but people listen while on the move. They listen on their desktop computers,  laptops, tablets, smartphones and watches.

Since the end of 2019, Erskine has moved with them adding hundreds of his latest shows to the growing podcast platforms.

People can now listen anywhere / anytime and their apps update every time a new show is released.

Erskine produces three full hours every week. Three unique, different shows with the most exciting guests around on a variety of important topics: News on U.S. intelligence, military, medical, economic, religious, social, technology, climate and  latest political happenings.

People get their news and entertainment through various means. Some through news sites, social media, RSS feeds, and emails.

As part of our overall marketing for shows, we produce videos for certain high profile guests and place them on popular sites. They gain wide spread attention and are often re-posted by influential people giving us more views.


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You can choose to listen to our shows on the web: Either here or on our new main site, You’ll also find our shows on

Whether listening here or on your podcast app, you’ll get the latest information with the best guests on radio.

Terrestrial Radio

Regular radio stations carry Erskine: Whether KNNR in Reno, NV or broadcasts on the MoJo50 Radio Network & others NOTE: programming and schedules change, so check your local stations.

Powerful Podcast Videos

We post select videos on social media sites like Rumble, FaceBook, GAB & Clouthub. Many are re-posted by influencers like Steve Bannon on Gateway Pundit & other major sites garnering hundreds of thousands of views: Another extension of our shows for us and our sponsors.

Guest Gallery

Erskine’s Recent Guests

Erskine is known for his hard hitting, factual, timely interviews with today’s top guests.

Guests like Victor Davis Hanson, Alan Dershowitz, Dr Jerome Corsi, Andy Puzder, Sebastian Gorka, Arizona Rep. governor candidate Kari Lake, LTG Michael Flynn, Gordon Chang, Roger Stone and so many more.

People around North America and overseas count on Erskine for his truthful and timely shows dealing with a wide variety of important topics and the best, most popular, knowledgeable and respected guests on radio today.

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