Coincidence or Planned

Erskine’s thoughts

It was of interest to me that Thursday was Shavuot began at Sunset Thursday, May 28th until Saturday, May 30th, 2020. What is Shavuot? Why might this be significant? Shavuot is one of five major Jewish Holidays. Christianity has its own parallel tradition called Pentecost rooted in Judaism. To simplify, it’s when Moses, the lawgiver, delivered God’s ten commandments. Understand these are commandments, not suggestions. It is on these ten commandments upon which Western civilization stands. These ten commandments are the bedrock of our Judeo-Christian civilization.

It was of interest to me that Thursday was Shavuot began at Sunset Thursday, May 28th until Saturday, May 30th, 2020. What is Shavuot? Why might this be significant? Shavuot is one of five major Jewish Holidays. Christianity has its own parallel tradition called Pentecost rooted in Judaism. To simplify, it’s when Moses, the lawgiver, delivered God’s ten commandments. Understand these are commandments, not suggestions. It is on these ten commandments upon which Western civilization stands. These ten commandments are the bedrock of our Judeo-Christian civilization.

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This has been challenged as never before by paid agitators including Antifa. Challenging the rule of law and our very civility which is the root of our civilization. The reason for the riots is not important, but the results may be far-reaching. For a civil society to exist when momentous events happen, and events that do seem to repeat themselves, we the people, all the people have to put pressure on the institutions we have entrusted with the responsibility to keep each of us from harming or doing damage to one another. If we continue to go into the streets and allow those who would undermine our society through violence and destruction our right to protest through civil disobedience will be looked upon as Tyranny, and will be put down with force by those who are to protect us from each other. A cop in Minneapolis was the reason given for “demonstrations”, but there can be no legitimate excuse for the destruction we’re experiencing.

These demonstrations, these riots, have been purposely planned to destroy our rule of law. Our rule of law will always be challenged by bad enforcers like the cop who cost an innocent man his life. The beauty of our legal system is there are remedies that are in place and are being used to fairly get to the truth and punish the guilty.

Why now and why such orchestrated rioting during this Holy time? Is it a coincidence this is occurring to coincide with Shavuot or are there other forces at work? One has to allow for the possibility that the forces on the left want God’s laws destroyed in which case, the dark side will rule supreme. The only other answer is it’s only a coincidence.

I offer this as food for thought. This movement against the Western Civilization is larger and more nefarious than we can imagine. It’s spelled out in the Holy Bible and happening before our eyes at this time in history. Be brave, be aware, be vigilant, our hearts and soul depend on our understanding this threat and the real purpose to bring down Western Civilization to be replaced by minions of evil.

I’d like to express my appreciation to Bruce Ryder, Lowell Ponte, and Karen Kataline in reviewing this article and my theology.

Is this the year for “True Justice?”

Liberals seek the America’s destruction; the downfall of a President; the annihilation of heros.

Let’s be realistic – Government forces, having proven themselves capable of being abusive, partisan, dictatorial, tyrannical and basically anti-American and anti-law, revele in their shallow victories; celebrating their congratulatory control. Notwithstanding what is legal, right and reasonable, certain people with an agenda have forced good people to do what they need to in order to survive. Something capable of being bestowed on any of us as citizens.

I’ve written about this man, his military dedication to our country and, when talking with him I’ve avoided discussions of current “political” events, focusing on more positive achievements. But the time is now for seeing what is really happening. But current harm must be remembered and corrected.

This is a man who served his country for 33 years in uniform. A man who spent 5 years in actual combat. The military’s highest ranking intelligence officer. A patriot who served his country further as National Security Advisor. A man who found himself on the wrong side of politics and the target of a former president’s men and personal agenda.

The bottom line sentence of a good man? DELAYED. The media will spin this but the judge is to be applauded for not wanting to accept a guilty plea from an innocent man and, it certainly gives LTG Flynn time to review the latest revelations of the 302 releases and other elements. So things are on hold for about 90 days.

If nothing else, this partisan fiasco proves that even good men, honest men, honorable men can be wrongly scrutinized and abused by the very country they were willing to lay down their lives for. The very country they love and honor with their decades of service.

So many facts are yet to come out about government overreach. Why was the general selected for this persecution; Because of his position, high profile and stellar reputation? Why did they ask him to meet at the White House in a casual setting and conversation without his lawyer? Why was talking to a Russian ambassador considered illegal when that’s his job to prepare the incoming president for his new office and duties?

Under what authority does the government have to drive patriotic citizens into bankruptcy, ruin their lives, threaten their families in order to meet a far distant goal of ruining a country and a president? Why did it take 8 months to release “sort of” 302s (the FBI’s interrogation notes) when they are to be released within 5 days? What are we to make of interrogators who have openly, and secretly, expressed such hatred for our president and the rule of law?

What lessons are to be learned from this abuse of power?; this overreach of corrupt politicians?; this act of lunacy on the part of overzealous legal misdealings?

For honorable decent men (and women) to stand in the judgement halls of life, being accused of unreasonable acts not of their making, to be chidded and degraded all while being forced to smile while murmuring “yes sir,” and suffering the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune without the option to take arms against a sea of troubles, and by opposing end them, is a punishment, is in itself not befitting the treatment of a patriot.

Moving forward, as this man, this patriot, beloved by so many family and countrymen is sentenced to… NOTHING at this time but delayed till March, 2019, yet with humiliation and reputation degradation, we learn that no matter who the president is, a rouge runaway prosecutorial effort with a blank checkbook and unlimited time and power can ruin whomever, for whatever as long as it meets the goal of America’s unbridled domestic foes.

God bless LTG Flynn and his family as they move forward to live and honor this country during this “to be continued” waiting period.

Are You Understanding Enough to Die for Inclusiveness?

They want you to be understanding, accepting, all inclusive, helpful, waiting with open arms and loving hearts.  These are the buzzwords the left uses but in fact they are just marketing argot, for there’s no basis in reality for their meaning when applied to illegals entering this country. They want you to be ready to step forward, checkbook in hand and checked ballot in your pocket to support their cause, but leave out many of the finer points of their objectives.

Yes, we’re talking about illegal aliens. Those who come uninvited, crawling and sneaking in the dead of night across barbed wire barriers, or hidden in the back of produce laden trucks like so many tightly packed cabbages. Whatever their reasoning and motivation, they have a plan and it does not align with our laws.

Illegal: That’s the term, and it openly defines its own essence. Not to be confused with some other word or phrase, meaning or obscure hidden attempt to be nice and helpful, but just illegal as defined by law, reason and Webster.

In theory they, the leftists, the radicals, and the media want you to be nice to people, to assist them, to better their lives, and to help them find the Utopia that they seek: legally or illegally. They want them to have an equal quality of life just like you, your family and friends who were born in this country, and who actually belong here… simply and legally.

There’s no black and white with liberals. It’s a vast ocean of gray stewn with wide nets where everyone is equal and free to come, go, be, work, exist as they please. A noble but insincere and insane motive.

In reality the numbers of people crossing the border, the hordes and throngs of those seeking unproclaimed asylum, looking for “a better life” are really, and they hope, just future voters for the Democratic cause. Here to participate, but only in the land of FREE and benefits, as provided from and paid for by the hard-working people who are justified in their presence on this, their foreign soil.

Liberals seek the numbers to increase their power, their hold on getting a doctrine, an agenda welded into place for future generations. And if the Democrats ever get that stronghold of foreign voters they seek, there won’t be another Republican voted into office until the last days of the Republic’s demise as it sinks into the sunset of failed commonwealths. And then it’ll be too late.

The names of those who were robbed, assaulted, raped, murdered are not inscribed on a wall of stars, but are nothing more to leftists than hidden collateral damage in the war to take over America. To make her the most inclusive third-world country on the immigration travel map. One that’s “almost” able to support the masses it receives.

When in fact those names, those casualties in that border battle are not to be forgotten, not to be overlooked nor passed by in some evolution of progressivism to make certain people more rich and powerful at the expense of others. And those others? Those are you, me, our friends and family who are bystanders, spectators of the immigration game. And it’s the fourth quarter, two minute warning, fourth down, 82 yards to the goal.

Virtually every state in the Union has seen its share of participants from this sad game of Run for the Border. And for many it has hit home on our streets, in our neighborhoods or to our very families. We’re reminded daily as we watch the news what happens when that “undocumented worker seeking an opportunity,” enters our neighborhood or God forbid, our very abode.

Many names have been ascribed to the legend of victims. Local casualties violated, injured, or murdered in the left’s quest for their powerful supremacy. Individuals,  known participants in their community; students, shop keepers, even law enforcement.

Kathryn Michelle Steinle was one of those “locals” and might have been one of the

Gianluca Cogoli/Wikimedia Commons /CC BY 3.0

first to bring more national attention to this malignant malaise of migration. Some say murdered by accident on Pier 14 in a criminal’s sanctuary… San Francisco. But it was no accident her assailant, who had been convicted of 7 felonies and deported only to illegally return 5 times.

Recently the spirit of our republic’s understanding and acceptance was overcome by the unnecessary, brutal murder of Molly Tibbetts in the very heartland of America. Another young soul fallen victim to the accepting openness of the left’s border policy.

But these are just two of those sacrificed in the name of inclusiveness. Inclusive of those less fortunate seeking a better life, wanting only opportunity for them and their families. What a joke! They weren’t looking for a better life, but looking for the opportunity to take advantage, to be irresponsible, to be hidden from society, able to ply their illegal presence into some advantage for personal gain or pleasure; To commit crimes of murder, to sell drugs and traffic in innocent human beings.

17 year old Allison Kunhardt and 16 year old Tessa Tranchan
Killed by Alfredo Ramos, a drunk illegal immigrant

30 year old Dominic Durden
killed on his way to work when hit by an illegal immigrant from Guatemala with a record of drunk driving convictions driving an unlicensed pickup truck.

21 year old Grant Ronnebeck
Shot by Apolinar Altamirano, who was in the country illegally from Mexico and charged with first-degree murder, armed robbery, burglary, unlawful flight.

38 year old Kevin Will, a Houston Police Officer
Killed by Johoan Rodriguez, 26, charged with the intoxicated manslaughter driving through a traffic stop. Investigators found “reason to believe” he was not a citizen.

17 year old Jamiel Shaw Jr.
Murdered by Pedro Espinoza, a DREAMer, an illegal alien from Mexico, the same day the 19-year-old gang member was released from jail, & battered a police officer. (I’m guessing that DACA recipients are not disproportionately valedictorians and Medal of Honor recipients as popularized.)

For the most part, these were everyday people just leading their lives, going about their own personal business and enjoying life; whether sitting at a stop light waiting to finish an evening of fun, walking home from school or at work trying to make a living. They didn’t volunteer to sacrifice themselves for social acceptance or humanitarian inclusion.

Our newspapers and court records are replete with victims too many to list here but not to be forgotten none the less. Such as Jamica Williams, Nabra Hassanen, Jose Chavez, Lauren Bump, Sarah Root, Edwin Jackson, State Trooper Edward Andersson shot and beaten and police sergeant Brandon Mendoza, killed by an illegal immigrant,  convicted of previous crimes, no Social Security number, no valid driver’s license – and the stories pile up like so many death certificates in a morgue.  None of their killers should have been in this country.

We look at 5 states for 2009 – numbers of incarcerations for homicides

  • Arizona: About 240 illegal aliens imprisoned for homicide-related offenses.
  • California: 2,430 illegal aliens imprisoned for homicide and related offenses.
  • Florida: 480 incarcerations for murder and manslaughter offenses
  • New York: 1,340 incarcerated for murder and manslaughter offenses (murder, first-degree manslaughter, second-degree manslaughter, other homicide)
  • Texas: Approximately 900 were incarcerated for homicide.

In these five examples for one year, about 5,400 incarcerated were deemed illegal aliens, an average of about 1,100 ea. And it’s important to note that in some cases, perpetrators were responsible for more than one murder.

Many of these were intentional crimes. Some accidents. And open border, immigration proponents are anxious to say that illegal immigrants are not any more likely to commit crimes than citizens and the media claims it’s a victimless phenomenon, as insignificant as the coming of fall leaves and as impossible to deter. I’d ask you to tell that to the 5,400 families affected in just these 5 states.

America is overrun with caring, compassionate, benevolent citizens. Anxious to give, help and support those in need. But don’t crawl through the deserts at night, steal away in the luggage compartment of an RV or send your unaccompanied children here to illegally take up space on our fermement and expect us to smile and be overly concerned about your future.

You may be one of these generous, humane people but….

Are you willing to die in order to be inclusive?

History Is Now Being Written in Asia!

History Is Now Being Written in Asia!
The EU Summit Must Follow the Example of Singapore!
by Helga Zepp-LaRouche, Chairwoman of the International Schiller Institute

June 15–The contrast could hardly be clearer. In Singapore, the historic summit between President Donald Trump and Chairman Kim Jong-un launched a process that, beyond the region itself, could guarantee world peace for the future; at the same time, the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) rang in a new era in building a new world order based on trust, harmony and joint development. On the other hand, there was the disunited, antagonistic G7 summit, whose European heads of state and government then returned home, only to plunge into a new dispute over the flare-up of the refugee crisis, and to react to that crisis with remedies as heinous as they are useless. It is high time for a policy reorientation on the old continent! The immediate opportunity to do so is the upcoming EU summit on June 28-29!

Notwithstanding all the cynical comments from the usual suspects in the mainstream media, the groundbreaking summit between Trump and Kim Jong-un would never have been possible without the spirit of the New Silk Road, that has swept over Asia in particular in recent years. Indeed, the idea of economically including North Korea in the integration of China’s Belt and Road Initiative and the Eurasian Economic Union was very much present at last year’s Eastern Economic Forum in Vladivostok. And at the Panmunjom Inter-Korean summit in April of this year, South Korean President Moon Jae-in presented his North Korean counterpart with a USB stick containing detailed plans for the economic development of the North.

The White House, in collaboration with the National Security Council, had prepared a video envisaging the perspective of a modern, industrialized, prosperous North Korea — a high-speed rail system, a Chinese maglev, industrial parks, a country on the rise – which Trump showed the North Korean Chairman during their meeting before the final press conference. One can only recommend to those minds in the West that have already been “categorized” and stuffed full of prejudices by the media, to watch Trump’s press conference themselves in the archives. A sovereign U.S. President presented the outcome of the summit: the total nuclear disarmament of North Korea, in return for security guarantees, the lifting of sanctions and the pledge to make North Korea prosperous. In addition, he announced the immediate end of the U.S.-South Korean military maneuvers. That will save a lot of money, he said, and they are “very provocative” anyway.

The people of both Koreas reacted ecstatically to the live broadcast of the Summit and the press conference. President Moon repeatedly commented with enthusiastic applause. We in Germany should recall the elation at the time of the fall of the Berlin Wall to get a sense of the effect on the population there.

Not only did China and Russia in particular conduct important background negotiations with North Korea in the run-up to the summit, but the Russian government has also pledged to assist in economic development, while the Chinese government promised to help provide security guarantees for North Korea. Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov stressed the importance of resuming the six-party talks for an internationally secured implementation of the agreement. China’s Global Times wrote that the North Korean economy is by no means as dilapidated as is often assumed: “North Korea has economic and geographic advantages to join the B&R, which will help the country realize its economic potential. It won’t be easy, and it won’t happen overnight. However, getting North Korea into the B&R initiative to promote economic integration may be easier than what people would have imagined.”

The almost simultaneous SCO summit, which India and Pakistan attended for the first time as full members, was opened by President Xi Jinping with the greeting that the future will be guided by the spirit of Confucius, whose birthplace is in the same Shandong Province as the conference venue in Qingdao. China’s Foreign Minister Wang Yi described the proceedings of the conference as the beginning of a new era in creating an international order based on mutual trust, mutual benefit, equality, respect for diversity and joint development. That, he explained, would transcend the outdated concepts of the clash of civilizations, the Cold War, zero-sum games, or exclusionary clubs.

How different was the G7 summit in Canada! The photo showing Mrs. Merkel, German Chancellor, in a confrontational attitude toward Trump, surrounded by the other heads of state and government, is likewise an expression of the break-up of the geopolitically oriented post-war order, of the “G6 against 1” formation. But actually it was only the G4, because Trump, Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte do not agree on the continuation of sanctions against Russia. The disunity of the Europeans is clearly visible on the issue of the refugee crisis. It should be obvious for everyone that neither the idea of turning back refugees at the EU’s external borders, by whatever method, is practicable, nor will there will be unity in the EU before the upcoming summit on the basis of the “solutions” proposed so far.

German Interior Minister Horst Seehofer’s proposal to turn away refugees on the German border, if they are already registered in another EU member country, will tend to lead to the end of the EU’s Schengen agreement, and thereby to the destruction of the foundation of the monetary union. The idea of so-called detention camps in countries such as Libya, which has sunk into internal chaos as a result of President Barack Obama’s military intervention, is so barbaric that it draws the oft-cited “western values” once and for all ad absurdum.

It is expected that by 2040, two billion people will be living in Africa, a huge part of them young people who need education, a job and more generally, a perspective for the future. What the African continent needs is massive investment in infrastructure, industrial capacities and agriculture, of precisely the type that China has made in the last 10 years. China thus helped reduce poverty in Africa from 56% in 1990 to 43% in 2012. At the G20 summit in Hamburg in 2017, Xi Jinping explicitly and repeatedly proposed to Angela Merkel to cooperate with the New Silk Road in Africa. The German government, for its part, has repeatedly spoken of a “Marshall Plan for Africa,” but other than the usual green “sustainable” projects, detention camps, and the securing of the EU’s external borders, nothing has been forthcoming.

The new Undersecretary of State in the Italian Ministry of Development, Professor Michele Geraci, has just published a memorandum for cooperation between Italy and China, in which he identifies eleven sectors in which Italy has an existential interest to cooperate with China. Among other points, the paper states: “Africa and the migrants? Who can help Africa? China.” Geraci reports that China has invested the most in Africa and thanks to China, poverty in Africa has started to decrease for the first time. “China offers Europe and Italy in particular, an historical opportunity to cooperate for the social-economic stabilization of Africa, which we should absolutely not miss. Therefore, we must strengthen cooperation between Italy and China in Africa.”

If the Merkel government is still in place when this article appears, there is a very good way by which the present crises can be overcome – from the migrant crisis to the government crisis and the EU crisis. Taking the example set by the Singapore Summit — that real change is possible, and that the past does not determine the future — the German government should ensure that the agenda of the upcoming European Union summit on June 28-29 be quickly changed. EU cooperation with China’s New Silk Road initiative for the development of Africa should be made the sole subject on the agenda, and Xi Jinping or Wang Yi should be invited to attend, as well as some African heads of state who are already cooperating with China.

If the EU summit, the Chinese government representative, and the African representatives then pronounce in a joint declaration the commitment to undertake a joint crash program for a pan-African infrastructure and development program, and promise all the young people of Africa that the continent will overcome poverty in a short time, such a declaration, due to the participation of China, would have all the credibility in the world in Africa, and would change the dynamic in all the countries towards definite hope for the future, and thus would immediately effect a change in the migrant crisis. It would also free the EU from its current crisis of legitimacy, and give the European nations a mission which would place the unity of Europe on a great new level.

Will the heads of state and government of Europe manage to follow the example of Trump and Kim Jong-un? The prospective of developing Africa together with China, would also give President Trump the urgently needed opportunity to overcome the otherwise looming spiral of trade war, and to balance the [U.S.] trade deficit by increasing trade, primarily through investment in joint ventures in third countries.

The crisis in Europe, the migrant crisis, the crisis of the German government — they have all assumed such dimensions, that the opportunity for a change of course in policy can absolutely be seized. Needed now, are the people to make it happen.

A CIA Insider Talks….

Those famous words of Ronald Reagan were never more true:

“The most terrifying words in the English language are: I’m from the government and I’m here to help.”

When originally spoken, many will relate this quote’s initial intention to social situations of taxation, entitlement control and more social issues. However, it’s become evident that the government – once thought to primarily exist for our protection – has turned bare toothed on its citizenry with a more aggressive, subversive agenda of diabolical proportions.

Alphabet agencies wreaking havoc on the public, the country, and even its own, as we we’ll soon reveal. The dishonesty, the lies, corruptions, yea the treason, is running rampant through every office and orifice in our governing bodies and if not for those speaking out, we’d all be un or misinformed.

In my series of “Insiders,”  I’m pleased to talk next with a former CIA operative. Someone who saw not only the inside, but the dirty wrath of an agency gone amuck.

Verne Lyon-CIA:  Recruited first as a student, Lyon operated as a CIA agent in the 1960s and 1970s. While operating under deep cover Lyon engaged in domestic spying on antiwar Iowa State University students. Codenamed Operation CHAOS, the CIA launched the illegal program against U.S. citizens. Lyon was also involved in destabilizing operations in Cuba. He also worked in Peru, Chile and Mexico. Lyon wrote in a 1990 article in Covert Action Information Bulletin, “The CIA must be put in its place. Should we demand or allow anything less, we will remain vulnerable to these abuses and face the risk of decaying into a lawless state destined to self-destruction.”

This is a first hand account from Verne and his book dealing with sensitive activities perpetrated illegally on the American public. Some of his answers are short as some information is sensitive to his life, his past, the agency, and, at times, a short explanation is all that’s required. We’re grateful for the opinions he can share at this time. Verne offers this expose’ as a foundation for domestic spying.

RB ~  Verne, you’ve led a life whose tale is the basis of spy novels and horror stories; Attempted abductions and assassination, prosecutions. You found a passion for aviation at a young age but then made, or were seduced, into a left turn into an intelligence career. We know it started when you were approached by the CIA to spy on antiwar activities at Iowa State. How did they find and pick you for their Operation CHAOS?

Courtesy of Verne Lyon

VL~ I believe I was approached after a high school/college friend of mine went into Naval Intelligence. He told me he had talked to “some people” about me.  The job of spying on campus anti-war activities paid $300 a month and came with a guaranteed draft deferment. For over fifteen years, the CIA, with assistance from numerous government agencies, conducted a massive illegal domestic covert operation called Operation CHAOS. It was one of the largest and most pervasive domestic surveillance programs in the history of this country. Throughout the duration of CHAOS, the CIA spied on thousands of U.S. citizens. The CIA went to great lengths to conceal this operation from the public while every president from Eisenhower to Nixon exploited CHAOS for his own political ends.

After I signed the documents getting into their “student program,” I asked if university officials knew of their work on campus. They said yes but admonished me to keep this to myself. Apparently some officials at Iowa State not only knew of the CIA recruiting on campus but actually suggested names of select students to approach. Nobody mentioned that the work I just signed up for was illegal at worst and immoral at best. [1]

RB ~ You, like myself, grew up in a small midwestern town but found yourself directed to greater intrigue in your life. How did you take to this move up the status ladder working for a large int’l intelligence agency and did your views of a “worthwhile, needed and valuable gov’t agency soon change?”

VL~   I found it to be almost a dream at the first. Being a secret agent, paid undercover, part of the government’s inner decision making circle, etc. As time went on I became more skeptical with each passing day.

RB ~ Was this domestic spying expanded?

VL ~ As campus anti-war protest activity spread across the nation, the CIA reacted by implementing two new domestic operations. The first, Project RESISTANCE, was designed to provide security to CIA recruiters on college campuses. Under this program, the CIA sought active cooperation from college administrators, campus security, and local police to help identify anti-war activists, political dissidents, and “radicals.” Eventually information was provided to all government recruiters on college campuses and directly to the super-secret DOD on thousands of students and dozens of groups. The CIA’s Office of Security also created Project MERRIMAC, to provide warnings about demonstrations being carried out against CIA facilities or personnel in the Washington area

RB ~ This must have taken a lot of local resources to gather and review “information and activities” on so many people

VL ~ Under both Projects, the CIA infiltrated agents into domestic groups of all types and activities. It used its contacts with local police departments and their intelligence units to pick up its “police skills” and began in earnest to pull off burglaries, illegal entries, use of explosives, criminal frame-ups, shared interrogations, and disinformation. CIA teams purchased sophisticated equipment for many starved police departments and in return got to see arrest records, suspect lists, and intelligence reports. Many large police departments, in conjunction with the CIA, carried out illegal, warrantless searches of private properties, to provide intelligence for a report requested by President Johnson and later entitled “Restless Youth.[1]

RB ~ How much information was gathered and wasn’t this illegal?

VL ~ During the life of Operation CHAOS, the CIA had compiled personality files on over 13,000 individuals including more than 7,000 U.S. citizens as well as files on over 1,000 domestic groups. The CIA had shared information on more than 300,000 persons with different law enforcement agencies including the DIA and FBI. It had spied on, burglarized, intimidated, misinformed, lied to, deceived, and carried out criminal acts against thousands of citizens of the United States. It had placed itself above the law, above the Constitution, and in contempt of international diplomacy and the United States Congress.

RB ~ How ominous did it become when you found the agency who had you spy on Americans was now going after you by framing you for an airport bombing, chasing you to Canada to have you kidnapped and ultimately tracking you to Lima, Peru, bring you back for trial and sentencing you to 17 years in Leavenworth for that bombing? Yuri Totrov, former KGB counter intelligence officer says. “Verne Lyon’s story so shocked me that I hoped he would one day make it public.”

VL~   It was as if the weight of the world had fallen on my shoulders. I felt hopeless, betrayed, angry.

RB ~ “Eyes on Havana,” your revealing book, has the tag line “Memoir of an American Spy Betrayed by the CIA.” The title alone has a foreboding, gloomy aire about it. You talk about “the transformation of a young patriotic engineer…into the second class citizens I am today; a convicted felon who has survived fear, prosecution, and utter collapse of my dreams…” Are you able to realize at lease some of your dreams and goals?

VL~  I have become an accomplished pilot, although my aerospace engineering education was never used to its fullest, I did work as an engineer for a number of years.

Image courtesy of Verne Lyon

RB ~ In your book you say “…Things went from bad to worse and pitted three government agencies against each other and against me in games of cat and mouse around the globe.”[1] From an agency you wanted to dedicate yourself to, this must have been a shock.

VL ~ My two-day trial, the jury’s brief deliberations and the judge’s stern sentence. Seventeen Years, I heard him say. You shall be remanded to a Federal Penitentiary for 17 years. My freedom, my youth my wife, my son all disappeared in those words.[1]

RB ~ Did your overseas positions add any different perspective to your overall view of national security – both foreign and domestic until your apprehension in Peru and return to the states?

VL~  Having traveled to over 100 countries, I much appreciate the views of peoples and cultures  abroad. To best understand the geo/political problems of the USA, you must travel overseas to understand how the rest of the world views us and why.

RB ~ Today we see such a pervasiveness of corruption in the higher levels of leadership. In the early days, was there more of a separation between national security and politics? The line seems very blurry these days.

VL~   The difference between the two was always blurred. Higher ups in the CIA helped write both foreign and domestic policy instead of just providing intelligence.

RB ~ It used to be we never thought of much except who’s playing Friday night at the high school, where’s lunch after church on Sundays, but now… it’s the gov’t in our face, the IRS after our records, the NSA storing emails and phone numbers and the CIA doing who knows what. Did this really need to get to the level it is with normal everyday patriotic Americans?

VL~  It is where it is due to the rapid, uncontrolled expansion of technology in communications, satellites, social media, news from every corner of the world within a few minutes, the internet, hacking, etc. Our society as well as most governments live in the NOW and want to respond at once to news, etc. After 911, we all gave up personal  freedoms for security and the Patriot Act which the government exploits to the max.

RB ~  People used to think that national security meant protecting us from foreign entities bent on our destruction. But then talk of special phone equipment rooms in San Francisco surfaced with connections to the government and that huge collection facility in Camp Williams, Utah came to light. People couldn’t believe their eyes. How were explanations handled internally about such domestic activities? Was it common knowledge that the government in general was now in the data collection/citizen surveillance business?

VL~   I think that Edward Snowden, now living in exile in Russia, showed us how pervasive the government is in gathering all kinds of intelligence on the average citizen.

RB ~  Was Snowden a traitor or a hero?

VL~  Borderline hero

RB ~ While surveilling citizens with ties to terrorists should warrant close examination, can’t John Doe and his parents be left alone in peace? (AKA James Rosen from FOX News?) Has the CIA become more involved in domestic activities?

VL~ The line dividing the domain between the FBI’s former exclusive powers to do domestic spying and the CIA’s mandate to handle everything beyond the borders has become so blurred that the NSA’s collection of date from both actually negates separation of powers.

RB ~ You said in a 1990 article in Covert Action Information Bulletin, “The CIA must be put in its place. Should we demand or allow anything less, we will remain vulnerable to these abuses and face the risk of decaying into a lawless state destined to self-destruction.” Are we seeing that thought in spades these days? Lyon

VL ~  We thought that the East German STASI was the embodiment of George Orwell’s 1984 but we have achieved that status here at home now.

RB ~ You’ve been quoted as saying “The CIA is a state sponsored terrorist association. You don’t look at people as human beings. They’re nothing but pieces on a chessboard.” Was this scary concept surprising to you as you worked more and more in the agency?

VL~   The Agency’s view of the world was divided into spheres of influence where, at times, operations pitted one country or area against others for our benefit. The effects on the ordinary people were ignored for the goal of the greater good.

RB ~ Average Americans think about this data collection and that domestic spying should be spending time, money and resources chasing bad guys in Yemen, Iran or Syria, not worrying about some conversation or email between a guy and his grandmother. Are there other hidden reasonings behind collecting so much private and inconsequential information about non-threats within the country? Maybe political?

VL~  Certainly politics always has a role in what type of intelligence is collected and from whom. With today’s technology that allows us and foreign nations to encrypt private communications, the race to stay ahead of the curve out weighs the concerns for people’s rights.

RB ~ Is the invasion of our privacy “rights” (and maybe I’m using the term loosely) growing out of control, or has the presence of Trump in the oval office stemmed the tide of intrusion into our lives?

VL~   Basically and simply – No

RB ~  For most of us, the Clinton’s have been on the highway of free rides since the 80’s, bypassing every legal stop sign and prosecution toll booth in their path as they speedily wind their way toward fame and riches – mostly infamous riches. Everything they touch seems to be laden with bi-chromatic fingerprint dust and the blood of innocents mixed with confusion. With the questionable death of Seth Rich and other DNC maneuvering, for whose benefit and for what purpose? Was Rich to receive the blame for the hacking but wanted to prove otherwise?

VL~ Investigation, NO enforcement

RB ~  Is the CIA capable of assisting or independently pursuing “political crimes” to bring about justice to those involved in all this current Clinton/DNC/State Dept./intelligence corruption, or should they be more an investigative, enforcement force against more traditional crimes? Or is there really a difference anymore?

VL~   Dem’s vs Republicans – too political.

RB ~ Is enough finally being done to investigate and dig into these email scandals and schemes? Seems like 2 intelligence groups would be more efficient given the foreign component of things.

VL ~  More open but still restrictive

RB ~ And as a follow up, are the lines of communication between the FBI, CIA and NSA now more open than before, or is interagency pride and elitism keeping them from working together efficiently?

VL~     It’s all politics

RB ~  Did you in your wildest intelligence dreams ever think that a major political party could invade the sanctity of our election process by creating false documents, use them to smear an opposition candidate before an election, then use them to assault the privacy of his closest confidants, using them to corrupt the privacy process of the FISA system, all while the long term goal of removing a duly elected president loomed in the back of their destructive playbook?

VL~  Since FISA courts (hearings) are held in secret, much like grand jury hearings, the prosecutor usually controls the hearing and the court will go along with the prosecution’s request 99% of the time so its use is always, in my view, political. The fact that the election process can be corrupted to the degree that it has been is just another example of politics over-ruling facts. Its sad to see its degradation to the point that politics has apparently removed all fairness to the process.

RB ~ Knowing you weren’t there then, but has John Brennan stepped over the line of reason? Is his lying and anti-patriotic, partisan views a change or was it always there, hidden from public view?

VL~ Political leanings always influence decision and actions

RB ~ Did the decision to become so outspoken come easy given your patriotism and seeing the need for truth, or was it a life changing moment with thoughts of reprisals and long term career and personal ramifications?

VL~ I needed to tell the truth

RB ~  With Alexis, Echo, TVs with cameras, home security Wi-Fi cameras, Google phones tracking our every move and refrigerators knowing what we buy  and how we shop, are we living totally exposed with our non-private lives open to become fodder for anyone willing to review, sell or track?

VL~  We allow this for the sole sake of convenience

RB ~ With so many problems and scandals related to political corruption, spying on citizens, immigration, local communities and states opting out of abiding by federal law….are we losing America?

VL~  Its already lost and there is no real way back.

RB ~ And with all the action and complications of a government intelligence / law enforcement position, what was that one fun, rewarding, passionate moment you remember from your whole career?

VL~      Understanding that the world is not our enemy we don’t need to invent enemies.

Our thanks to Verne for his time, his service to our country and thoughts, and to his co-author, Professor Phil Zwerling for their input into this book and this article.  This and my other “insider” articles go to the question of whether we can truly trust our own government and their real intentions in their attempt to protect us.

Whistleblowers exist for a reason… to spread the truth of what’s behind the curtain and alert us to wrongdoings that affect our lives, our futures.

This article is just the beginning. You’ll find a fascinating read on the intrigue of Verne’s CIA life and adventures in the US, Cuba and beyond in his book, “Eyes on Havana.” I can’t recommend enough its addition to your reading shelf. It’s an eye opening revelation of what lengths the government will go to destroying policies, laws and lives to get to their final nefarious objectives.


Facts and opinions expressed are those of the interviewee and not necessarily those of the author or Certain passages and quotes used with permission from his book,"Eyes on Havana -Memoir of an American Spy Betrayed by the CIA."

[1] Eyes on Havana- Verne Lyon & Phil Zwerling, McFarland Publishing (January 12, 2018)

Another School Shooting in 3….2…. wait for it….

It’s a bright sunny morning. The school is filled with sounds of studying and socializing as young people fill classrooms and hallways. Thoughts of tests, and plans for finishing the week, then enjoying another weekend of youthfulness. Ah, the carefree life of adolescence.

Then the unexpected, unimagined snap of gunfire breaks the consciousness and rips the flesh of those going about their daily routine of innocence and normalcy. Another day in the life of a school ground shooter changing the lives of his nameless victims.

17 dead. Students, staff, all led to believe it was another regular day until that moment they met the assassin’s random, impartial objective: death and disruption. For it was not meant to be another normal day. The shooter moved from classroom to classroom, pausing briefly each time in the doorway to shoot, then moving on to the next room finding more innocents to kill.

The shooter’s true motive is unknown. Media reports assumed it to be related to his expulsion from school, along with his subsequent feeling of victimhood and hopelessness. Another of “society’s children” victimized by their own actions seek revenge on the blameless and guiltless.

Such was that infamous day at Gutenberg school in Erfurt, Germany, April 26, 2002. The lone, disturbed yet impassioned murderer, Robert Steinhäuser, brought his wrath to school, much like others, who seek to punish for personal or political reasons. Another in a growing list of slaughtering stereotypes seeking their place in social antiquity.

Thomas Hamilton, in 1996, added his name to the roster with 17 dead in his Stirlingshire, Scotland massacre when he shot sixteen children and a teacher at the Scottish primary school before killing himself. And the list goes on.


Liberals would have you believe that America is to blame. Our society’s laws, accepting attitudes toward guns, the 2nd Amendment, Trump, or conservative values are to blame for the senseless spray of slaughtering slugs. They portray it’s more unique to America, our open way of life and freedoms. It’s a curse stemming from our right to keep and bear arms.

Violence, murder and mayhem on school grounds have been added as a sizzling hot topic to the long list of liberal talking points, and the complicit media seeking the next big “rights” discussion. It’s another in the established and growing line of “reasons” Americans should let the government run their lives instead of logic, reason, reality and, oh yeah…the Constitution.

But as we saw, the government did not protect these students and teachers. Months and years before, students made remarks that if there was ever to be a school shooting, it would be Cruz on the trigger. The dozens of home visits by police to Nikolas Cruz were dismissed, the many well-intentioned reports by students went unheeded while even direct calls to the FBI were ignored and not passed to local offices for follow up and action.


And that fateful day? Scot Peterson, the deputy assigned to protect the school, waited outside the building instead of going in; Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel said this week Peterson waited for four to six minutes even though he could “clearly” hear gunfire. “I gave him a gun. I gave him a badge. I gave him the training. If he didn’t have the heart to go in, that’s not my responsibility.” Maybe knowing an officer’s “heart” is now more important?

Upon their arrival, Coral Springs police officers say they found Peterson and three other deputies outside the school, pistols drawn and hiding in safety behind their vehicles while others, undeservingly, met Cruz’s deadly dose of disdain for their lives.

The bungled handling of the Parkland shooting, before, during, and after, has grown in increasingly important frustration and accusations. Law enforcement failed to act at several milestones in the timeline before the shooting: the FBI didn’t act on a January tip about the danger posed by Cruz, and the Broward County Sheriff’s Office failed to write up a November warning about him.

During a conversation with good friend of mine, a 30+ year veteran of a Chicago suburb police department, came a well-taken point that seems evident in many locals. And it was certainly present in this Florida situation. County sheriff’s personnel seem less trained, less committed or at the least, less involved than those of regular city and state police forces. Broward (or as now referred to Coward) County officers seem to have protected themselves while Coral Springs took action upon their arrival.

My friend’s point being that, while many officers are courageous and professional, many times, the “county sheriff’s” office is more cronyism and a soft retirement gig where former LEOs go for a nice added retirement, are many times not in as good of physical shape, and are looking for a less stressful, less engaging position as their full time, larger community counterparts.

When you put on a gun and a badge, you’re hired to protect and serve – not cower and refrain. Society needs and depends on the concise, immediate, precise actions of experience defending life and property. The call to law enforcement is a strong one not accepted by all. And while abused by some, is a call to duty that citizenry counts on for safety and security.

There could be catalogs filled with reasons and excuses for the actions of the delusional despots reigning death on their fellow man; be it retribution or revenge, misaligned loyalty to some political view, or the result of medicated misgivings.

In the many decades preceding the late nineteen eighties, mass shootings and acts of senseless violence on crowds were “relatively” unheard of.  Prozac, the most well-known SSRI (selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor) antidepressant, was not yet on the market to be consumed by the handfuls by those with real or perceived mental punishments.

The left loves to demonize our 2nd Amendment and conservatives’ views, saying it’s not our inherent right. But we also need to look at many other issues. Issues such as the overly prescribed, readily available supply of drugs being pushed and pumped into our young people potentially ill-equipped to deal with their effects.

Mass shootings are not a coincidence among legal drug users. Eric Harris was on Luvox when he and Dylan Klebold killed twelve students and a teacher at Columbine High School.  Cho Seung-hui, the Virginia Tech shooter who killed thirty-two people was on an antidepressant.  Withdrawing from Prozac, Kip Kinkel murdered his mother and stepmother, then proceeded to shoot twenty-two classmates and killed two.  Jason Hoffman wounded five at his high school while he was on Effexor, another antidepressant.  James Holmes opened fire in a Colorado movie theater and killed twelve people and wounded fifty-eight.  He was under the care of a psychiatrist, but no specific drug information has been released to date.


Should we review the amount of violence perpetrated, promoted and displayed through video games, movies and music? Many feel the permissive nature of the 60s advanced through our recent administration’s lax attitude toward the law and lawlessness, may continually allow people to destroy, disrupt and kill without thoughts of results and ramifications. And those not mentally capable of such responsibilities or are harboring violence need to be weeded out from the gun-buying marketplace.

Add in the ever growing “missing fathers” and the problem is exacerbated. A study in 2013 shows:

Children with negative attitudes about school and their teachers experienced avoidance and ambivalence with their fathers. On the other hand, children with a secure attachment to their father and whose father was involved had a higher academic self-concept. The father-child attachment was more associated with the child’s social-emotional school outcomes than their academic achievement.

[Source: Newland, L., Chen, H., & Coyl-Shepherd, D. (2013)]

The bottom line should be that the result of schoolyard shootings, classroom chaos and mass mobocracy of matriculation lies at the feet of the culpable assassin. There are 89 guns for every 100 Americans as many have one, two or a dozen weapons secluded in their homes that will never kill anyone. Arizona has been an open carry state forever and yet people are not roaming the streets randomly shooting everyone in sight; while Chicago, Baltimore and NY have some of the toughest gun laws with no evident positive results.

Yes, it’s time for reason and improvement in our background checks, societal responsibilities and approach to youth. With a truthful realism of facts and deliberate forethought, we can reduce violence, be it in the hallway of a local school, a shopping mall or movie theater. 98% of shootings take place in “gun-free” zones. I guess they didn’t get the memo.

“A free people ought not only to be armed, but disciplined…”
– George Washington, First Annual Address, to both House of Congress, January 8, 1790

Tucker Carlson makes so many valid observations. As media covers this event even more, as people realize their own responsibilities, as the masses take a good look at reality instead of rhetoric, we can hope to reduce the unhappiness of these occurrences.

We enjoy our freedoms in this country but the right to keep and bear arms was not for the purpose of hunting. It was for the protection of ourselves, families and property, and as resistance toward a tyrannical government should that day ever come. (Be it foreign or domestic?)

Some will always lose sight of the real reason behind privileges, and yet, if the will is there, then a gun will be replaced with a knife, a vehicle or other means to murder. Yes, while not a weapon of mass killing, the use of bare hands to commit murder is 25 times more prevalent than using a gun.

Eliminating guns from our lives is not the answer, as our own DOJ found that the Assault Weapons Ban of 1994 shows no decrease in violence, and even an inexperienced shooter can change a “required” small capacity magazine in 2 seconds.

It’s time to set aside the hidden agenda and rhetoric of confiscation and concentrate on those ideals that will improve the lives and mindset of individuals fraught with fright against an unseen enemy of oppression…their own minds. Take away the drugs, the opportunity to arm themselves, and the societal pressures that plague them…for dealing with an aftermath instead of a precursor…is far too expensive.

~ RB



2018 – The year of the ultimate Washington cleanup?

Will this be the year that Washington corruption sees its doom?

When Trump ran for president, many proclaimed his questionable past, his business dealings, his “Russian” connections. And yet being unproven he still pushes forward with his agenda to “Make America Great Again.

In fulfilling his duties as president, and meeting his promises to improve this country, could he ever have known – or even thought – that such corruption was not only present, but prevalent in his new city of residence? Was he prepared to meet the challenges of lies, deceit, misinformation and political hackery?

We’ve seen an FBI director get fired leaving multiple questions of lawbreaking in his wake. Replaced by another whose wife took hundreds of thousands of dollars in her democratic campaign causing serious conflict of interest proclamations. We’ve seen an impotent Attorney General who seems to bypass any opportunity to defend the rule of law by not fully pursuing those who, in the eyes of the general public, have commited open and overt acts of corruption, lawlessness and possibly treason.

We’ve seen a special council appointed who is hell bent on finding, what seems to be, non-existent evidence of a US hating Trump and his “Russian Connection”, while a previous president’s political book is laid open with more and more pages stained with the blood of American lives, potential treasonous acts, and an agenda that bespeaks of nothing aligned with truth and patriotism.

And through all this, we again see the Clintons at the middle of scheme after scheme after slimy money grabbing scheme. All designed to personally enrich themselves, sell their influence and power. But are they now skating on the thin ice of opposition and truth? Are their chicken about to visit home? Are they close to seeing the justice so many in this country want for their crimes again the country and possibly individuals?

Bill’s speaking fees from a Russian bank involved with a cobal to take over partial control of a valuable American resource. The globe circling foundation that serves to fill the silk lined pockets of the Clintons – all of them – rather than serving the masses extolled vociferously to gain more and more checks and favors.

The growing “email scandal” is still off the front burner but slowly making its way from the rear of discussions as people see the veiled attempts to run questionable activities out of public view. Destroying evidence after an issues subpoena? the use of unsecured resources putting country and its secrets at risk? Hammering and hiding Blackberrys, laptops and smartphones for the purpose of… well, who really knows at this point.

The DNC reveling in its own misdeeds paying for concocted files on a political rival under the guise of opposition research. A ruse involving participation of the nation’s top law enforcement agency and possibly their money? A falsehood potentially used to obtain illegal warrants for the purpose of spying on that opposition then… involving people and information obtained to prosecute for the purpose of political control and destruction?

And we haven’t touched on the sex scandals that are “exposing themselves” at every turn of the calendar, or the other DNC and office holders whose actions exhibit questionable legalities in the lofty positions they hold. And will B Hussein finally be exposed for his socialist/fascist/Communist leaning destructiveness and will America care?

As we look forward to a new year, may we all find peace, prosperity, personal power and presence of mind to better ourselves and our country. God bless America.




U.S. Troops Die Protecting French & Chinese Uranium?

Did U.S. Troops Die in Niger Protecting French & Chinese Uranium?

by Lowell Ponte

The question looms large!

America was surprised when U.S. troops in Niger were ambushed, and four were killed, on October 4. Why are more than 1,000 U.S. soldiers in this desolate region of Western Africa, and in one of the world’s least developed nations?

According to Defense Secretary James Mattis, America’s mission there is “supporting the French-led and the African troops in the campaign to throw ISIS and the terrorists, the radicals, those who foment instability and murder and mayhem, off their stride.” He speaks truth – but not the whole truth.

Until 1958, land-locked Niger was a French colony bordered by oil-rich Libya to the north and oil-rich Nigeria to the south. Niger has far less oil than its neighbors, but has good reason to be fought over both for territory and one key resource.

“France gets about 75 percent of its electricity from nuclear reactors,” the New York Times reported in 2013, and that year France dramatically increased its military forces in Niger to protect its uranium mines. The terrorists attacking Americans this October were driven off minutes later by French fighter jets streaking to the rescue.

Eighty percent of Niger citizens do not know that their country’s northern desert has uranium, which Business Insider described in 2015 as “the world’s fifth-largest recoverable uranium reserves, some 7% of the global total.”

A handful of uranium mines account for roughly a third of all of Niger’s exports and supply a third of France’s reactor fuel (and possibly the key ingredients for French nuclear weapons as well). No wonder France and its American allies are willing to pay a price to keep these radioactive isotopes flowing, avoid terrorist disruptions, and prevent Islamists from seizing this potential source of A-bomb material.

France, however, is not the only uranium mine investor in Niger. The People’s Republic of China also has reportedly committed to investing $300 million and owns a 37 percent stake in the Azelik mine, along with the Niger government plus one other Chinese and one Korean investor in a joint partnership called Somina.

President Barack Obama sent U.S. military forces to Niger in 2013, apparently to support the French buildup to protect their vital uranium mines from Islamists. In October 2017, this cost four American lives. But did these courageous soldiers implicitly also die to defend a Communist Chinese uranium mine, a potential source of China’s nuclear weapons?

How ironic that the Obama Administration gave Russia 20 percent of America’s uranium reserves, some of which Russia may have sold to Iran, and Iran may have sold to North Korea, to make weapons that someday soon could devastate the United States.

How ironic that Mr. Obama allowed Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s political slush fund foundation to pocket $145 million from this Russian deal, thereby letting Russia influence American politics.

And how ironic that Mr. Obama also has been willing to put the lives of American troops on the line in Niger to defend France’s – and Communist China’s – uranium.




Warning Signs Abound For U.S. Economy


by: Harley Schlanger

July 7 — In the build-up to the G20 summit in Hamburg, there has been much happy talk coming from Trans-Atlantic government officials, Central bankers and the media about the arrival of the long-awaited “economic recovery.” From Brussels, European Central Bank (ECB) chairman Mario Draghi sounded cautiously optimistic, telling European Union leaders on June 23 that the EU is experiencing economic growth and an “improving business climate”, while ECB Executive Board member Peter Praet was much less constrained. In a meeting of bankers in Paris on July 6, he declared that the recovery “has gathered some further momentum recently,” and that there is a “solid upswing” becoming an “increasingly solid cyclical recovery.”

One might ask if the two of them consider the unresolved Greek debt crisis, and the bailouts of Spanish and Italian banks, in violation of new EU banking rules, evidence of a “solid upswing”!

As for the United States, Federal Reserve Chairman Janet Yellen was even more upbeat, after the major U.S. banks passed the most recent “stress test.” In an exchange with London School of Economics Professor Lord Nicholas Stern, Yellen said the U.S. banking system is now “very much stronger” due to Fed supervision and higher capital levels. In fact, she added, another banking crisis is unlikely “in our lifetimes.” When asked if she thinks stock valuations are too high, Yellen replied that “by some standard metrics, asset valuations look high,” but then hedged, saying “there’s no certainty about that.” Her explanation sounded eerily reminiscent of former Fed Chair Alan Greenspan, who publicly announced he saw no evidence of “irrational exuberance” as investors sent tech stocks soaring in the late 1990s, before the dot-com stock bubble proved him wrong, by crashing in 2000.

Yet, for all this “good news” from the U.S., there are warning signs that all is not well. Yellen’s vice chair, Stanley Fischer injected a note of concern, saying the “increase in prices of risky assets (that is, corporate stocks and bonds, including junk debt — HS)…points to a notable uptick in risk appetites,” adding that continued high valuations in the face of low earnings “is also a cause for concern.” He concluded by stating that the corporate sector — the stock valuations of which are at record levels — is “notably leveraged”. This is a strange, understated way of looking at the $14 trillion of non-financial corporate debt, much of which will never be collected, which has surpassed the amount of mortgage-backed securities debt which crashed the market in 2008, when that debt reached $11 trillion.


The belief that the stress tests demonstrated the security of the banking system, as touted by Yellen, has come under fire, ironically by the Wall Street-loving New York Times. In a July 3 editorial, the editors write, “It’s entirely possible that the system is more fragile than the Fed’s stress tests indicate. By the Fed’s calculations, capital held by the nation’s eight largest banks was nearly 14% of assets, weighted by risk, at the end of 2016.” However, the editorial points out that, using international accounting rules instead of American rules, the capital reserve is only 6.3%.

The difference between the two accounting systems “is largely attributable to regulator’s differing assessment of the risks posed by derivatives, the complex instruments that blew up in the financial crisis and that still are a major part of the holdings of the big American banks.”

In other words, by not dealing with the threat posed by derivatives, by restoring Glass Steagall regulations to force the banks to either write down, or write off their derivative obligations, this ticking time bomb remains a real threat within the banking system.

Further, Fischer’s warning, that there has been “a notable uptick in risk appetites”, means that the need of banks and investors for profit is forcing them to bet on more risky financial instruments. If this approach to investment is funded largely by leverage, as Fischer states, it means that once the bubble pops, the collapse will be more catastrophic, wiping out pension funds and individual retirement funds of millions of Americans — just as in 2008.

As to those who point to the “health” of the stock market, which some analysts have said is “defying all models” by continuing to appreciate, the reality is that the unprecedented expansion of corporate debt, fueled by low-interest lending from banks, is largely responsible, as companies are borrowing money to buy their own stock. Fischer obliquely referred to this when he expressed concern for stock appreciation in the face of low corporate earnings. The total valuation of the Dow Jones average, a standard measure of the health of the stock market, has nearly tripled since its low in 2008, going from 8,046 to 21,349 as of June 30 — while corporate profits during that period have been for the most part low or stagnant.


The standard narrative of the “Obama recovery” which is repeated (mostly by Wall Street-controlled Democrats) is that between 10 and 12 million jobs were created during his years in office. Yet the majority of those were temporary, part-time and low-wage. In 2000, there were 19.6 million employed in the manufacturing sector. Today the figure is approximately 12.5 million. For those employed, wages have remained stagnant, while the labor participation rate is near historic lows, with only 62.9% of potential members of the work force employed, meaning almost 95 million are not working.

The hype about Obama’s recovery is unmasked by looking at some figures on poverty in America. According to the 2014 Census, 14.5% of Americans live in poverty, over 45 million people. As of the end of 2014, the number of children living in families near or below the poverty line is 31 million, a staggering 44% of all children in the U.S. From 2008 to 2014, the years of the “Obama recovery”, that percentage grew by 18%.

To survive, those with access to credit are building a significant debt bubble. Average household debt in January 2017 is $132,529, with total consumer debt growing to $12.58 trillion, compared to $12.37 trillion in 2007. The average household pays over $1,300 per year in interest on credit cards, while unpaid average credit card balances grew from $4,400 in 2015 to $5,551 in 2016. And delinquencies are up: the Federal Reserve reports that 7.1% of all credit card balances are more than 90 days late; for paying back student loans, which now total over $1.2 trillion, 11% are 90 days late; and for auto loans, almost 5% are 90 days late, as repossessions are up, and overall car sales are dropping. Over the last two months, General Motors, whose federal bailout after the 2008 Crash was hailed as an example of decisive political intervention, has announced cutbacks in the workforce and partial shutdowns in plants.

As more people need help, the austerity-minded Republicans in Congress are chopping away at Medicaid, which provides health care for poor children, and threatening other programs which provide food aid, funding for education, etc. With the federal budget under attack, states are not able to step in to help. When the Fiscal Year 2018 budget began July 1, there were 9 states which had no budget, due to significant revenue shortfalls, including the once-wealthy state of Connecticut, and formerly industrial states, including Illinois, Wisconsin and New Jersey. Though some of the states subsequently passed budgets, with significant budget cuts, Illinois hovers on the verge of bankruptcy, with the State Controller saying “derailment is imminent.”

What this partial picture underscores is that decisive action must be taken at once, to prevent a total breakdown of the United States. President Trump won his election in part by pointing to the fraud of the Obama “recovery”, and putting forward major initiatives, which reflected to some degree the policies promoted by Lyndon LaRouche in his Four Basic Laws, including restoring Glass Steagall, launching major infrastructure investments, and an emphasis on reviving NASA as a science driver. As these initiatives have stalled, in part due to the efforts of opponents of these policies to remove Trump from office, the situation for the average American has worsened.

If Trump wishes to succeed, he must now put the full weight of his presidency behind passing LaRouche’s Four Laws, as the central feature of his anti-Wall Street plan, to revive the U.S. economy.



The Coming Battle Between Trump, The DOJ and Comey

The battle for facts and truth goes on:

Have you reached end the end of your political tolerance rope yet?

Has your political insanity tolerance meter pegged yet?

Every day it’s another adventure in the Trump presidency. First the left just knew for certain that Trump and Putin worked together to take over the ’16 election machine and destroy America in the process. They ignored anything to do with Clinton’s lawlessness and rampant deficiencies and inefficiencies in running a campaign, but they pursued this Trump rant for months and months hoping that facts would justify the desire for Trump’s downfall.

Now that nearly a year’s worth of efforts digging and mining sources and rat holes for non-existent proof of ANY collaboration with the Russians has reveal not a “smidgen of corruption,” they’ve moved on to the next talking point – That Trump illegally interfered with the firing of FBI Dir Comey.

Of course forgetting that Trump followed the suggestion of his Asst. AG, ignoring the fact that Dems and Pubs alike called for his firing as far back as last Oct, and TOTALLY setting aside that Trump has the absolute power given by the constitution to fire anyone he chooses for any reason, it’s an ongoing circus of comedic proportion.

The real fly in the pie is the Mueller involvement. The investigative rule (28 CFR 600.7) states that conflict of interest is basis for recusal. The rule has been interpreted to mean that even the appearance of a conflict is sufficient for disqualification. After all, Mueller is not only Comey’s long time friend, and co-worker but Comey is a witness and the ties are too strong for an independent connection. It’s widely known that Comey regards his predecessor as a mentor, while Mueller considers Comey his protégé.

It’s clear where all of this is headed.  Mueller’s probe will morph into an investigation of the Trump-Comey meeting to determine whether the president tried to obstruct justice.  It will become a case of “he said…he said”.   Which man will the special counsel believe?  His good friend or the man who fired his good friend? How can Mueller fairly and impartially assess Comey’s credibility versus Trump’s?

The country is no longer run by laws but by leaks, innuendos, half truths and conjecture. The congressional expenditure of MILLIONS of tax payer dollars to pursue a long menu of “nothing burgers” pales in comparison to the fact that actual work and progress is NOT being done toward those issues that bear real importance like the economy, restoration of our rights and freedoms, securing our country from without and within.

The future may be bright, mediocre or dim but there is a future, and time will tell if we survive the outcome.