Coincidence or Planned

It was of interest to me that Thursday was Shavuot began at Sunset Thursday, May 28th until Saturday, May 30th, 2020. What is Shavuot? Why might this be significant? Shavuot is one of five major Jewish Holidays. Christianity has its own parallel tradition called Pentecost rooted in Judaism. To simplify, it’s when Moses, the lawgiver, […]

Is this the year for “True Justice?”

Liberals seek the America’s destruction; the downfall of a President; the annihilation of heros. Let’s be realistic – Government forces, having proven themselves capable of being abusive, partisan, dictatorial, tyrannical and basically anti-American and anti-law, revele in their shallow victories; celebrating their congratulatory control. Notwithstanding what is legal, right and reasonable, certain people with an […]

Are You Understanding Enough to Die for Inclusiveness?

They want you to be understanding, accepting, all inclusive, helpful, waiting with open arms and loving hearts.  These are the buzzwords the left uses but in fact they are just marketing argot, for there’s no basis in reality for their meaning when applied to illegals entering this country. They want you to be ready to […]

History Is Now Being Written in Asia!

History Is Now Being Written in Asia! The EU Summit Must Follow the Example of Singapore! by Helga Zepp-LaRouche, Chairwoman of the International Schiller Institute June 15–The contrast could hardly be clearer. In Singapore, the historic summit between President Donald Trump and Chairman Kim Jong-un launched a process that, beyond the region itself, could guarantee […]

A CIA Insider Talks….

I found it to be almost a dream at the first. Being a secret agent, undercover, part of the government’s inner decision making circle, etc. But..

Another School Shooting in 3….2…. wait for it….

It’s a bright sunny morning. The school is filled with sounds of studying and socializing as young people fill classrooms and hallways. Thoughts of tests, and plans for finishing the week, then enjoying another weekend of youthfulness. Ah, the carefree life of adolescence. Then the unexpected, unimagined snap of gunfire breaks the consciousness and rips […]

2018 – The year of the ultimate Washington cleanup?

Trump to meet his promises to improve this country, could he ever have known that such corruption was so prevalent in Washington? Success ahead?

U.S. Troops Die Protecting French & Chinese Uranium?

Did U.S. Troops Die in Niger Protecting French & Chinese Uranium? According to Def. Sec Mattis, America’s mission: supporting the African troops

Warning Signs Abound For U.S. Economy

For Trump to succeed, he must put the full weight of his presidency in passing LaRouche’s 4 Laws, to revive the U.S. economy. What do you think?

The Coming Battle Between Trump, The DOJ and Comey

The battles between Trump, Mueller, Comey & the truth will be bloody ones. America is tired of the partisan manipulation of justice. Truth time.