Erskine Show Archives – 2019

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Every week is new and fresh with ErskineOvernight. But we keep selected shows here for your convenience as well. Enjoy them and remember that all our shows are archived on our syndication site. You’ll find other shows from past years linked at the bottom of our Archive Page.

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Newest selected shows from 2019 are at the top of our list below.

Guest Hour One:  3-23-196 – William Binney

Guest Hour Two:  3-23-19 – Victor Davis Hanson

Guest Hour Three:  3-23-19 – I.Q. al Rasscoli

Guest Hour One:  3-16-196 – Dr. Jim Roach MD

Guest Hour Two:  3-16-19 – Dan Perkins

Guest Hour Three:  3-16-19 – Rabbi Aryeh Spero

Guest Hour One:  3-9-19 – Lowell Ponte

Guest Hour Two:  3-9-19 – Karen Kataline

With time changes this week, the syndicator has experienced archiving problems. Hours two & three will be posted as they are retrieved.

Guest Hour One:  3-2-19 – Dan Addario

Guest Hour Two:  3-2-19 – Daniel Greenfield

Guest Hour Three:  3-2-19 – David Getoff CCN, CTN, FAAIM

Guest Hour One:  2-23-19 – Professor Philip Zwerling, Vern Lyon with Ron Boat

Guest Hour Two:  2-23-19 – Sher Zieve

Guest Hour Three:  2-23-19 – John Milkovich

Guest Hour One:  2-16-19 – Gerald Celente

Guest Hour Two:  2-16-19 – Dr. Timothy Ball PhD.

Guest Hour Three:  2-16-19 – Sidney Powell

Guest Hour One:  2-9-19 – Dr. Jeffrey Frost D.C.,P.M.M.T.P.

Guest Hour Two:  2-9-19 – Megan Barth

Guest Hour Three:  2-9-19 – Rabbi Jeffrey Katz

Guest Hour One:  2-2-19 – Patrick Wood

Guest Hour Two:  2-2-19 – Dr. Charles B. Simone M.D.

Guest Hour Three:  2-2-19 – Mark Booth

Guest Hour One:  1-26-19 – Lowell Ponte

Guest Hour Two:  1-26-19 – Dr. Jamie Glazov

Guest Hour Three:  1-26-19 – Dr. Michael Lewis MD, MPH, MBA, FACPM, FACN

Guest Hour One:  1-19-19 – Andrew Gause

Guest Hour Two:  1-19-19 – Harley Schlanger

Guest Hour Three:  1-19-19 – Michael Daugherty

Guest Hour One:  1-12-19 – Dr. Jerome Corsi Ph.D.

Guest Hour Two:  1-12-19 – Gregory Wrightston

Guest Hour Three:  1-12-19 – Dan Perkins

Guest Hour One:  1-05-19 – Daniel Greenfield

Guest Hour Two:  1-05-19 – Dr. Michael Busler PhD.

Guest Hour Three:  1-05-19 – John Milkovich