Dr. Carl Goldberg

Nov 16 & 17 Saturday & Sunday

Guest Hour One: Dr. Carl Goldberg

Dr. Carl Goldberg became seriously interested in Islam after 9/11’s hijackers were reported to quote the Koran for justification. What God could justify such an act of murdering 3000 innocent Americans. He purchased a copy of the Koran and studied other Moslem works. He has since made it his patriotic duty to educate his fellow Americans of the negative impact of their jihad against the Western world, and all non-Muslems. In 2014 Dr. Goldberg was honored as one of America’s leading “Islamophobes by the Council on American Islamic Relations. We’ll discuss Representative Omar’s rants, the Israeli elections, and worldwide anti-Jewish movement. Free quotes about Moslem and peace from their own writings.

Contact Dr. Goldberg at IdeologyofIslam@cox.net