Dan Granger

June 26 & 27 Saturday & Sunday

Guest Hour One: Dan Granger

Dan Granger Founder/CEO of Oxford Road—the leading podcast advertising agency. He has G a unique perspective on today’s media landscape, especially how it thrives on widening the political divide and trafficking in “outrage culture.”His podcast Media Roundtablewhere he converses with media, political, and business leaders on ways we can restore truth, civility, and nonpartisanship to our divisive media landscape—including the role of the advertisers who fund the media can play. He will also discuss the perspectives he’s gained as a pioneer in podcast advertising, having founded his agency in 2013—right when podcasts were first emerging—and using this burgeoning medium to help turn hundreds of startups into household names, including LegalZoom and Blue Apron. https://www.podcastone.com/pd/Media-Roundtable https://www.podchaser.com/creators/dan-granger-107aIW1zOw





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