Jack Haney

June 6 & June 7 Saturday & Sunday

Guest Hour Two: Jack Haney

Jack Haney has worked in the financial markets for over 20 years. At the age of 20 he studied under William O’Neill, America’s most successful investor and founder of Investor’s Business Daily.  He is now one of the owners of Patriot Gold Group. Jack has written over $200 million in business and trades with Patriot. We’ll discuss why buy gold, storing gold and type of gold is best for you. You can have a safe IRA for your retirement. Gold and silver may be our ONLY secure investment. Call (800) 974-GOLD (4653)   www.PatriotGoldGroup.com


We’re pleased to welcome Patriot Gold Group as a sponsor of Erskine Radio. Be sure to visit them for all your precious metals investment questions.