Erskine is a man of many talents and those have been shown in a nearly 30-year career in every show. Interviewing newsmakers and news breakers, the political, economic and social leaders of our day. Erskine was one of the original hosts on the Genesis Communications Network for over 25 years.


For nearly 30 years, Erskine has reached millions with his shows from coast to coast and around the world on local and satellite stations. His programs are heard on Talk America Radio and Global Star, two of the fastest growing news and talk media networks. So “ad” your message to other successful companies with:

  • Podcasts – (Visit our Current Show page)
  • Covering local markets around the country including Phoenix, Atlanta,  Jacksonville, the Midwest and Southern markets.
  • web ads
  • Facebook and other social media exposures
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Erskine’s are now on podcasts for listening anytime, anywhere in the world for even more audience reach. Search for Erskine Radio on your favorite podcast platform and be sure to subscribe to the newest  version of our programming with the “Fire” graphic.


When searching for an outlet to carry your message across the country, ErksineOvernight is the media to use.

  1. A successful 30 year history on the air.
  2. Major news making, timely guests that draw an audience.
  3. Added social media exposure on leading social sites.
  4. Millions of listeners in all parts of the world. (Great for online marketers)
  5. A proven format for reaching an affluent, educated audience.
  6. One of the most affordable methods to reach your customers.  Low ad rates since we manage our own advertising and save your budget.
  7. Choose :30 or :60 spots, read live by Erskine or using your preproduced material.


Through ErskineOvernight, you’ll reach your audience with preproduced or live read commercials, supplemented with ads on our website, all included in one affordable package. And we’ll even do the graphics for you for free, and with links to your site. Premium placement so our thousands of visitors will get your message.

Your ad is placed on our social media platforms for additional exposure. And we never strip advertising from our archives so your message remains live for years; heard here, on major networks, on our syndication site and our podcasts. We’ll take care of everything for you.

Erskine boasts local markets like Atlanta and Phoenix, plus reaching the masses through syndication and archives. For those making the web a major part of their marketing, this supplemental media reaches an additional audience to support your other efforts.

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  • Be sure to write us to receive our latest advertising rate specials

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