Is this the year for “True Justice?”

Liberals seek the America’s destruction; the downfall of a President; the annihilation of heros.

Let’s be realistic – Government forces, having proven themselves capable of being abusive, partisan, dictatorial, tyrannical and basically anti-American and anti-law, revele in their shallow victories; celebrating their congratulatory control. Notwithstanding what is legal, right and reasonable, certain people with an agenda have forced good people to do what they need to in order to survive. Something capable of being bestowed on any of us as citizens.

I’ve written about this man, his military dedication to our country and, when talking with him I’ve avoided discussions of current “political” events, focusing on more positive achievements. But the time is now for seeing what is really happening. But current harm must be remembered and corrected.

This is a man who served his country for 33 years in uniform. A man who spent 5 years in actual combat. The military’s highest ranking intelligence officer. A patriot who served his country further as National Security Advisor. A man who found himself on the wrong side of politics and the target of a former president’s men and personal agenda.

The bottom line sentence of a good man? DELAYED. The media will spin this but the judge is to be applauded for not wanting to accept a guilty plea from an innocent man and, it certainly gives LTG Flynn time to review the latest revelations of the 302 releases and other elements. So things are on hold for about 90 days.

If nothing else, this partisan fiasco proves that even good men, honest men, honorable men can be wrongly scrutinized and abused by the very country they were willing to lay down their lives for. The very country they love and honor with their decades of service.

So many facts are yet to come out about government overreach. Why was the general selected for this persecution; Because of his position, high profile and stellar reputation? Why did they ask him to meet at the White House in a casual setting and conversation without his lawyer? Why was talking to a Russian ambassador considered illegal when that’s his job to prepare the incoming president for his new office and duties?

Under what authority does the government have to drive patriotic citizens into bankruptcy, ruin their lives, threaten their families in order to meet a far distant goal of ruining a country and a president? Why did it take 8 months to release “sort of” 302s (the FBI’s interrogation notes) when they are to be released within 5 days? What are we to make of interrogators who have openly, and secretly, expressed such hatred for our president and the rule of law?

What lessons are to be learned from this abuse of power?; this overreach of corrupt politicians?; this act of lunacy on the part of overzealous legal misdealings?

For honorable decent men (and women) to stand in the judgement halls of life, being accused of unreasonable acts not of their making, to be chidded and degraded all while being forced to smile while murmuring “yes sir,” and suffering the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune without the option to take arms against a sea of troubles, and by opposing end them, is a punishment, is in itself not befitting the treatment of a patriot.

Moving forward, as this man, this patriot, beloved by so many family and countrymen is sentenced to… NOTHING at this time but delayed till March, 2019, yet with humiliation and reputation degradation, we learn that no matter who the president is, a rouge runaway prosecutorial effort with a blank checkbook and unlimited time and power can ruin whomever, for whatever as long as it meets the goal of America’s unbridled domestic foes.

God bless LTG Flynn and his family as they move forward to live and honor this country during this “to be continued” waiting period.